Sorry to Bother You (2018)

The most surprising movie of 2018 for sure. It was surrealistic, completely mindfuck, unexpected, and a great experience as a flick. Also made a well articulated point as social narrative.

On a different note: I haven’t heard of The Coup before. WTF?! It is a perfect friend of everything RATM, and I know Street Sweeper Social Club well, so I know the voice of Boots Riley just fine. I just haven’t heard of his original band before. So now I’m on a Coup listening spree, obviously. Although I haven’t really got through re-listening the movie soundtrack several times.

Another note: Tessa Thompson. I’m just getting into her so much. (Mean this the right way.) I first came across her in Westworld – great character, first seldom enough appearances to be mystical, then when being more active another kind of mystique. In Thor she was badass. In Annihilation she was not a driving force but another mystery not fully explored or explained. So maybe this is her thing. And this is our thing (as audience) with her. She is casted well and always had this mystical vibe around her so far. And this time again the artsy girlfriend character with her kinks and girl next door attitude. Hit home.