Polyphia – New Levels New Devils

When I think of math metal, I think Converge and Dillinger, which besides being very technical are also harsh and chaotic. This is also math but it’s also extremely approachable, much closer to, say, jazz than metal. It’s a very unique record, I love this sound.

Djrum – Portrait With Firewood

Nice to mention this record right after Tides as this is a great example for the same vibe but with originality that I felt lacking there. Nice atmospheres on the slow-to-mid tempo electronic axis with lots of live-sounding orchestration, even more Floex vibes, but the more complex drum patterns and the post-dubstep bassline aesthetics package it into something fresh and exciting. I really like that this is a moody record without the sadness aspect—it’s like watching rain through the window but with inspiration and wondering. Actually it’s also like a new take on nu jazz.

Alva Noto ‎– Unieqav

This became my go-to album lately, I listen to this literally every day. It is so calming and helps me focus like close to nothing. The interesting bit is that exactly that same recently I started to formulate this idea that I don’t like experimental music that much anymore. Whenever I listen to that noizy-glitchy IDM kind of experimental electronics from the more elitist kinds I feel only annoyance and impatiance. Although all the while I’ve been listening to more ambient than ever before, which often comes with drone and weird sounds. So I’m not sure what makes me stick or bounce. I think I appreciate harmonies now. Nice ambient soundscapes and well balanced patterns both give me that. Harsh noize and non-rhythmic sounds don’t. This record is one of the most sophisticated and masterfully crafted rhythmic noize sets out there. Also, this is one of the leading definitions of literal Intelligent Dance Music.

Riton + Kah-Lo – Foreign Ororo

I recently got a batch of suggestions spread along the interesting-weird axis, and this one stuck with me. British dance beats (mostly house) with Nigerian hiphop female vocals. I have this strong feeling that I’m totally late to this party and hits like Fake ID and Ginger must have spinned their fair share in certain parties and radio shows that I totally missed apparently.


Leading up to the new album when the first single, Lucifer appeared did I come across MOLYBARON and it was an instant hit for me. The new track got me hooked with its extremely satisfying hard rock flow crossed over with the totally heavy metal riffs and vocals of the chorus. I also love in a rock song when there’s a post-chorus bridge that’s just totally outside the normal flow of the track and takes you on a little trip of its own. That’s also very strong in this song.

So, after listening to Lucifer a mere fifty-something times did I realize maybe this band is not coming from out of nowhere and that’s how I ended up with their debut record. It’s an awesome introduction, I get many more of that above described song structure, and there are surprisingly few tracks that I’d call fillers. It’s a proper hard rock ride. I can imagine a MOLYBARON live concert as a steam-filled two hours long train ride without breaks, I hope that’s true. Anyhow, just based on the two new tracks the evolution and perfectioning of their voice is unmistakeable, so looking forward to the new album quite a bit.

Die Wilde Jagd – Uhrwald Orange

It’s like the love child of Dead Can Dance and industrial music. It’s a krautrock thing and a psychedelic rock thing. And it is amazing. I’ve been listening to this record almost continuously for a while now and it just enchants me. It’s hypnotic and atmospheric and opens up a magical world of its own.

Johnny Jewel – Vapor

One of my go-to focus music for the past month. Cinematic ambient with chiming sounds, dark textures, monumental spaces, it’s quite a journey. I see the full movie playing in my mind. Also great for reading, especially something eerie, mystical, or set in outer space.