Don Broco – Amazing Things

Part super cool nu metal, part cheesy pop music. I’m back an forth between how much I like the first part and how much the second detracts me. Overall I try to focus on the good bits and those are really-really good. It would be good to see them live to see how this whole things play out, usually on a concert you see their true self.

Slipknot – The End, So Far

I admire that this album starts with a song that’s not typical for Slipknot, it almost sounds like Queens of the Stone Age for the vocals or Nine Inch Nails with the piano. Mature, thoughtful, with lots of fine details. Still I can see how this is a Slipknot song: I can feel how it reflects the journey and experiences that these individuals have gone through. Just looking at the side projects and solo career of Corey Taylor, it is so well reflected in Adderall how he brings back his own development to the band.

Besides this aspect, the record at length has everything Slipknot owns, even pushing their signature nu metal further to heavy metal. Amazing album as always, scratches all my Slipknot itches, it just delivers.

JK Flesh – Sewer Bait

THis is not necessarily an outstanding album, but it’s been a very long time that I listened to rhythmic noise. So cheers to that! Side note: interesting that this is self-labelled as industrial techno, haven’t thought of rhythmic noise as such, but it makes sense.