The Offspring – Let The Bad Times Roll

When I first listened to this I couldn’t believe how absolutely great this album was. An Offspring record in 2021, which sounds like such a good evolution of them. It’s part serious but part fun, it has drag and beat, it’s all around good punk rock, I just cannot help stamping my feet when listening to it. Although I’m still wrapping up my year-end conclusions but this one is pretty close to being my favorite rock album this year.

Dead Can Dance – Live, 2005

In 2005 when Dead Can Dance reunited they recorded and released a series of shows as limited edition records. Now these got published on Spotify. Naturally it is beautiful material. But also, listening to live concert recordings in the times of lockdowns and cancelled events is a life saver. Part pain of absence but part breath of life.

On a completely side note, thinking about the ethics of republishing of previously limited material. I imagine you can say that the limited experience at his point is the physical copy anyone purchased in 2005. But that sounds kinda like an excuse. I’ve recently seen a sale where previously Kickstarted board games found in the publisher’s storage were being sold, with Kickstarter exclusives included. Makes me go hm.

Alex Banks – Beneath The Surface

Intimate electronic music (think Moderat) with down to mid tempo and glitchy broken beats. Not the kind of intimate that makes you turn inside and feel blue, but the one that gives a push and inspires.

Floex – Papetura Soundtrack

I’ve been listening to this back and forth for a whole day and this is so beautiful. Peaceful ambient to calm and comfort. I love how Floex can transform his wonderful clarinet-based tunes to any instrumentation but still you find his soul in everything he creates.