Peggy Gou – I Hear You

This is such an amazing, carefree, summer breeze of an album. House for the most part, with hints of other electronic stuff.

It’s interesting that if I think of Gou I have this up-and-coming talent in mind who’s at the peak of her rising but still connects more with the underground scene than the mainstream. But in reality she’s the only current female DJ on the DJ Mag Top 100, appeared on cover of a whole bunch of fashion magazines, plays sold-out stadiums, runs her own festival, etc. She’s nowhere near being an underground name but a massive global sensation, I’ve just missed to follow the news. Although whenever she played in town in the past two years it was always sold out and I couldn’t get to see her live, so that should have been a hint.

Anyways, and still, this album doesn’t show any signs of self-imposed pressure. It’s very impressive how she seems to dictate and follow her on rhythm instead of trying to fit herself into boxes where I’m sure people would like to see her. She’s truly a star.

Lady Blackbird – Black Acid Soul (deluxe edition)

I don’t often post about jazz records because I rarely listen to new jazz music, which is not nu jazz. This one is soulful funk and jazz, and it was a surprisingly amazing listen; set my mood beautifully to positivity on an otherwise cloudy afternoon. I specifically mention the deluxe edition because of its second record with some extra nice stuff, remixes and some nu jazz sounds over there.

Four Tet – Three +

It’s mellow, soulful, cute, cozy—all those Four Tet words in my mind. Full of those tracks that I’d put on a mixtape I make for someone I love.

Brutus – Unison Life

It’s a new find, the kind where it’s obvious from the first track I hear that it’s a match. Great metal sound with a grunge feel to it and strong female vocals. What makes it stick is how honest and human it is. It’s like friends from the neighbouring rehearsal room throwing a concert.