Polyphia – New Levels New Devils

When I think of math metal, I think Converge and Dillinger, which besides being very technical are also harsh and chaotic. This is also math but it’s also extremely approachable, much closer to, say, jazz than metal. It’s a very unique record, I love this sound.

The Cassandra Complex – Sex & Death

The other day I got this instant hook on The Cassandra Complex, which I’ve never heard before. That naive early ’90s industrial electronic rock nostalgia on this record and Cyberpunx stole my heart. Now, listening these two records again after a week I don’t find them that much appealing, so not sure what it is, could be a mood swing in play. But The War Against Sleep is a definitive hymn, there’s no question about that.

Deena Abdelwahed – Jbal Rrsas

This is bass-heavy electronic music that I can place closest to dubstep. I also feel like I have extremely little cultural context to form well-articulated thoughts about this music, which makes it exciting.

Saying that it’s “something Arabic” feels like derogatory to how rich it is beyond language, and when I say “Arabic” I am concerned that I’m already making false identification. I just don’t know, I am not aware, I lack knowledge. However, it doesn’t feel intimidating but rather I feel the urge to explore, know more, learn, listen, understand, makes me wonder.