Suspiria (2018)

It was a wonderful experience. Probably one of the most artful horror films that I have ever seen, and I’m much relieved to say that none of the art in it felt artsy but rather proper art film cinema. I loved how the tension kept pulsating: it went awry for short bursts, then got back to its track of narrative although with a growing feel of unease, which built up beautifully for the final catharsis. All of its visual style, camera movement, editing techniques, acting performances were just fit, and by that I mean there was nothing drawing more attention than needed, and so it was a perfectly balanced piece.

Sorry to Bother You (2018)

The most surprising movie of 2018 for sure. It was surrealistic, completely mindfuck, unexpected, and a great experience as a flick. Also made a well articulated point as social narrative.

On a different note: I haven’t heard of The Coup before. WTF?! It is a perfect friend of everything RATM, and I know Street Sweeper Social Club well, so I know the voice of Boots Riley just fine. I just haven’t heard of his original band before. So now I’m on a Coup listening spree, obviously. Although I haven’t really got through re-listening the movie soundtrack several times.

Another note: Tessa Thompson. I’m just getting into her so much. (Mean this the right way.) I first came across her in Westworld – great character, first seldom enough appearances to be mystical, then when being more active another kind of mystique. In Thor she was badass. In Annihilation she was not a driving force but another mystery not fully explored or explained. So maybe this is her thing. And this is our thing (as audience) with her. She is casted well and always had this mystical vibe around her so far. And this time again the artsy girlfriend character with her kinks and girl next door attitude. Hit home.

Kurt Rauffer: Star Wars Episode V homage title sequence

This is so truly amazing. Makes me think of the new concept of continuously releasing Star Wars spin-off movies like the upcoming Rogue One, and how great it would be if the SW universe expanded in a way that it allows for some new and unique styles for any of these side projects. So that anything like this homage trailer could be the real and actually used styles of any of the upcoming movies.

I don’t consider myself a Star Wars fan. I watch the movies every now and then, have some SW fun on 4th May, but mostly admire the universe, which expanded upon and after the original trilogy. I participated in Star Wars RPG way back as a child, read some great books placed in the SW universe, played some good video games, and just recently had serious fun with the X-Wing miniatures tabletop.

There is so much potential and the standard movies even with the currently running third set of movies capture so little of all that depth and vastness of the Star Wars universe. And allowing for more spin-off stylings like this fan-made trailer showcases could really blow the whole thing up and allow for even many more new and exciting angles to explore.

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Stunning in terms of visuals and theme. A few things that I feel worthy to highlight:

  • The character, set and costume designs are remarkable.
  • The world behind the movie is something that I am totally blown away by. I want to know so much more than I had the chance to catch in the flick.
  • Charlize Theron, obviously. Note: if you like to see her act grim and dark don’t miss out on Snow White and the Huntsman, which may be a much better movie than you might expect.
  • The voices are acted and added in a sterile and distanced manner, which produces an absolutely unique atmosphere. Like the conversations were not happening in place but layered over the story like some kind of narration.
  • The music was great, but in a few occasions the pathos was over the top and out of context. Still it’s something great to listen to even on its own right.
  • And the guy with the guitar! OMG. Every single appearance made me grin like an idiot.

I gathered quite a few poster art (official and fan-made) below.

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Ex Machina (2015)

Beautiful piece of art of a movie of science fiction. On the trail of the AI-lead chamber drama atmosphere of the Moon and as stunning as the well-crafted shorts that usually don’t come through any publishing house but are driven by the motivation of one exceptionally talented vfx artist. I have a true hard time believing that this could make it as a normal budget featured film.

So much not said but played out in this film and it is such a relief and reassurance that you just don’t have to say everything out loud to get. Also a lot room for interpretations or I could rather say thoughts transferred for progressing.

Some more poster versions come below.

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