Stunning heavy-riff metal compressed in a one minute track single. It’s ridiculous that under the name Lazarvs this one track will be the only find but I’ve still clocked at least an hour on the artist. That’s one play per day on average since its release.

So there was this band called Apey & the Pea, which I liked a lot. I got hooked with the very first EP mainly because their headbanging, sometimes melodic, sometimes grunge, stoner rock and roll that is a sound coming and going in the Hungarian scene and there’s always a band that’s best at it. And they became that best one for quite a while. And then they started changing, their music and live performances becoming more agressive each time. I started to become hesitant whether I still liked this band or not, or rather whether it was still something for me.

Finally they decidedly started a new era last year when they changed their name to Lazarvs and I like that they did this. This new form with its new name and visual aesthetic feels really different and gives a different context. And in this context I don’t mind their more agressive and harsher sound. Listening to this merely one minute long teaser to the upcoming new album gets me excited. I’m looking forward to cutting barbed wire with teeth to this music.

A lot of bands say that they feel obliged to deliver the same sound and same music over and over again because otherwise their fans would abandon them. So essentially the bands either piss their fans off or do something that they are not comfortable with. Maybe the real solution to this catch-22 is what Apey did when becoming Lazarvs. Get over yourself, peel away a skin, be born again, and feel free to set off on a different path.

I guess the only reason why most bands wouldn’t do this is because there’s this brand and marketing vehicle they built and they don’t want to loose it and start over. Even more so will I respect a band that still does the honest choice and takes that leap. And you don’t want to sell to the same people by all means anyway, you wan to sell to the people who want to listen to your current music. These may be new fans but those will be the real fans, and not those people who are just nagging you to repeat yourself over and over again.