Wargasm – Spit.

Probably my most replayed single track recently. I love the energy of the raw industrial punk. Funny that Kittie comes to mind when listening to this, who also had a track called Spit, although their song that comes to mind is Brackish.

Katatonia ‎- City Burials

This album got parked on my Play Later list for a while, then I gave up on it because I was never in the mood to give it a go. And today I restumbled upon it and I’m so happy I did. Ah, it got to me just perfectly today. There are these moments when a music hits me just in the right spot and that’s everything I want. It has that perfect balance of depressing and motivating that it could take me from that first mood to the latter.

What I like best about it is in part a few great melodic hooks, but much more importantly the vocals and lyrics. Jonas Renkse’s voice is the most wonderful rediscovery of today. Also, there are some songs (like Behind the Blood, The Winter of Our Passing, and Flicker) that sound like classics that I’ve heard a hundred times. I’m listening to the album the thrid time today right now, and I just don’t feel like changing to anything else. It is an amazing piece of progressive rock.


Leading up to the new album when the first single, Lucifer appeared did I come across MOLYBARON and it was an instant hit for me. The new track got me hooked with its extremely satisfying hard rock flow crossed over with the totally heavy metal riffs and vocals of the chorus. I also love in a rock song when there’s a post-chorus bridge that’s just totally outside the normal flow of the track and takes you on a little trip of its own. That’s also very strong in this song.

So, after listening to Lucifer a mere fifty-something times did I realize maybe this band is not coming from out of nowhere and that’s how I ended up with their debut record. It’s an awesome introduction, I get many more of that above described song structure, and there are surprisingly few tracks that I’d call fillers. It’s a proper hard rock ride. I can imagine a MOLYBARON live concert as a steam-filled two hours long train ride without breaks, I hope that’s true. Anyhow, just based on the two new tracks the evolution and perfectioning of their voice is unmistakeable, so looking forward to the new album quite a bit.

Dog Fashion Disco – Adultery

First thing first: Dog Fashion Disco is one of my top 5 favorite bands ever across all genres. Thier avant-garde metal is quirky, bizarre, fun, strange, and overall absolutely astonishing. It’s like a dead jazz musician reanimated as a metal-head zombie and marching around in a dark circus in a clown outfit with all instruments hanging on it and played at the same time. And love songs. And satan. And life wisdom.

And finally their full catalogue is available on Spotify. As far as I know there was some legal shit going on why they couldn’t have done that so far and now all the albums are there. So I can listen to this masterpiece called Adultery every other day like every normal person should. (I’ll still keep my safety copy in Dropbox, just in case.)

Random note: now when looking for an album cover image and searching for the band and album title did I stumble upon that this concept record has been made into an actual novel. How cool is that! I’ve quickly put it on my reading list, I really hope it’s just as trash as I want it to be.

Ah man, I love this music so fucking much. It’s like air to breath and blood to drink.


Stunning heavy-riff metal compressed in a one minute track single. It’s ridiculous that under the name Lazarvs this one track will be the only find but I’ve still clocked at least an hour on the artist. That’s one play per day on average since its release.

So there was this band called Apey & the Pea, which I liked a lot. I got hooked with the very first EP mainly because their headbanging, sometimes melodic, sometimes grunge, stoner rock and roll that is a sound coming and going in the Hungarian scene and there’s always a band that’s best at it. And they became that best one for quite a while. And then they started changing, their music and live performances becoming more agressive each time. I started to become hesitant whether I still liked this band or not, or rather whether it was still something for me.

Finally they decidedly started a new era last year when they changed their name to Lazarvs and I like that they did this. This new form with its new name and visual aesthetic feels really different and gives a different context. And in this context I don’t mind their more agressive and harsher sound. Listening to this merely one minute long teaser to the upcoming new album gets me excited. I’m looking forward to cutting barbed wire with teeth to this music.

A lot of bands say that they feel obliged to deliver the same sound and same music over and over again because otherwise their fans would abandon them. So essentially the bands either piss their fans off or do something that they are not comfortable with. Maybe the real solution to this catch-22 is what Apey did when becoming Lazarvs. Get over yourself, peel away a skin, be born again, and feel free to set off on a different path.

I guess the only reason why most bands wouldn’t do this is because there’s this brand and marketing vehicle they built and they don’t want to loose it and start over. Even more so will I respect a band that still does the honest choice and takes that leap. And you don’t want to sell to the same people by all means anyway, you wan to sell to the people who want to listen to your current music. These may be new fans but those will be the real fans, and not those people who are just nagging you to repeat yourself over and over again.

Harmed – From Day One

Ranging between metalcore, melodic hardcore, and mathcore. It’s like a little boy brother of Meshuggah who is still listening to some Slipknot and post-hardcore emo stuff. This album is acutally from 2017, I just came across this now because of a new single (Metacortex), which is way more all-out industrial infused metal, but both their earlier and new songs are fantastic. I wonder, which will be the future direction once a new record is out.