Kurt Rauffer: Star Wars Episode V homage title sequence

This is so truly amazing. Makes me think of the new concept of continuously releasing Star Wars spin-off movies like the upcoming Rogue One, and how great it would be if the SW universe expanded in a way that it allows for some new and unique styles for any of these side projects. So that anything like this homage trailer could be the real and actually used styles of any of the upcoming movies.

I don’t consider myself a Star Wars fan. I watch the movies every now and then, have some SW fun on 4th May, but mostly admire the universe, which expanded upon and after the original trilogy. I participated in Star Wars RPG way back as a child, read some great books placed in the SW universe, played some good video games, and just recently had serious fun with the X-Wing miniatures tabletop.

There is so much potential and the standard movies even with the currently running third set of movies capture so little of all that depth and vastness of the Star Wars universe. And allowing for more spin-off stylings like this fan-made trailer showcases could really blow the whole thing up and allow for even many more new and exciting angles to explore.