Korn – The Nothing

I haven’t been expecting a Korn album this good in this lifetime. Well, in full honesty I also haven’t been looking for it. From their debut up until the turn of the millennium I was all up for everything Korn, then probably life just moved on. Interestingly some same-era stuff, like Deftones for example, stick with me way more and longer, but I never really got into a Korn relistening frenzy. And this time this new album came, and it has some of the same sound that is Korn in a very original way but also I see how it’s new and relevant. It has its hooks to cater for different audiences but still it’s completely true to its own roots and sound. I like this a lot.

In a way I have this feeling lately that I’m reliving an era of my childhood. Looking at the news it’s new Tool album released, Diablo 4 announced, Rage Against the Machine reuniting, watching a Pet Sematary remake, etc. But at the same time, some of these things are truly good output, at least as for the music part (and even D3 haters are optimistic about D4). I hear so much whining about the music industry being shit, music review media going down, and all that, but I love how so much great new music is being released. Well, whiners gonna whine.