Squarepusher delivered by far the most epic moments of Sónar Barcelona 2015 by the end of Friday’s Sónar by Day section. He put on a wicked power noise set with mind-blowing breakcore beats and experimental electronic madness. However it was not that harsh noise chaos that you might think of or I expected after listening to the recent album for that matter. It was much more rhythm-based and danceable even if in some crazy ways.

Then after the basic set was over he returned for an extra track, which turned out to be quite a performance. He started by jamming for a while on a bass guitar and after almost ten minutes of playing around he fired up drum beats and electronics and went on playing along with it. And oh boy. The whole set just twisted and turned much more like a psychedelic rock piece than anything of his signature style, something resembling Pink Floyd fucked up on acid. It was truly colossal, the definitive peak of the whole festival so far.

Thank you sir.

Update: I found an okayish recording of the bass guitar solo and following session on YouTube.