Joe Rogan Experience #1342 – John Carmack

This was the first Joe Rogan Experience I watched just because catching John Carmack’s name, and this is a blast. I’ll probably check out some more of Joe’s stuff, but Carmack in particular is unreal. He’s insanely intelligent and super entertaining to listen to how he just knows about everything. He’s somewhat like Forrest Gump in a sense that as I listen to the stories it seems like he just happened to be there at every occasion something serious shit was going down in history and related to technology.

On another note, listening to him makes me think about how different he and John Romero are. On the surface it seems like Carmack is way more successful rolling with these billionare technologists, making fortunes, working on stuff shaping the future, while Romero has relocated to Ireland to a small-mid sized city running a similarly small-mid sized game development studio of his own. But I feel like truth is, Carmack is driven by this almost inhuman motivation all about technology and not really caring for much beyond that, which is completely fine, but not superior in any way over Romero who is more like a true artist, and I love him and his work so much for that. Both have my utmost respect and are heros forever, but two completely different kind of fish.