Reigns – The Walled Garden

As the first notes started playing on this record I thought Reigns turned to a lighter mood since I fell in love with them with The House on the Causeway. I starts that way. Then they quickly delve into their home territory of eerie land where rock and electronic holds no real meanings—this music is not defined by its instruments but its super heavy atmosphere. It’s a beautiful wondering in a haunted garden with dark crimson roses, piercing thorns, and an ominous yet not at all depressing constant dusk.

Reigns – The House on the Causeway

Listening to this album is always a mood and mind altering experience. The album cover is so eerie, makes me chill with goose bumps all over just by looking at it.

My favorite track is Take It Down by far, it has a very special and personal place in my heart. It will always make me wonder of an exquisite atmosphere where ghosts come to haunt the world but they make friends with people of the night and exchange stories of life and death.

There is this little girl sitting on one side of a seesaw deep inside a forest just among a little clearing in the woods when dawn barely breaks and light dimly illuminates the rising mist, and all she wants is to reconnect with someone from this world who tells her a good night story to be comforted by and leave with.

I love the idea of such a moment. We should connect between these states of being so much more.