The Offspring – Let The Bad Times Roll

When I first listened to this I couldn’t believe how absolutely great this album was. An Offspring record in 2021, which sounds like such a good evolution of them. It’s part serious but part fun, it has drag and beat, it’s all around good punk rock, I just cannot help stamping my feet when listening to it. Although I’m still wrapping up my year-end conclusions but this one is pretty close to being my favorite rock album this year.

Wargasm – Spit.

Probably my most replayed single track recently. I love the energy of the raw industrial punk. Funny that Kittie comes to mind when listening to this, who also had a track called Spit, although their song that comes to mind is Brackish.

Anti-Flag – 20/20 Vision

Good punk rock with a proper average track length below three minutes. And just like any politically charged punk rock in 2020 it’s an all around anti-Trump statement. Coming from Anti-Flag who self-admittedly “have actively chosen to not attack presidents directly”. It’s another record in the long list of such albums spanning now across so many different genres.

Millencolin – SOS

Current dose of punk rock. The album cover and the title track music video are just unfathomable bad, no excuse for that. But the music still rocks.

Note: I liked their 2015 album, too, a lot actually, I wonder why that didn’t end up here. Funny thing is it was among my ten most listened-to records that year, but didn’t make the final cut of the Top 10 at the time.

Transplants – Transplants

I am re-listening this one from 2002. Just as the first track hits me, I can hardly imagine how huge of a smasher this could have been back at the time of release. I was a late arrival to the Transplants but I wish being in that crowd on their album launch tour who are listening to this shit as new and live. They must have gone crazy.