Machinedrum – A View of U

I just finished the 2020 long player of Sub Focus and decided not to put it up here when this record followed and I thought, so this is the one that was meant to be. The same kind of accessible, easy to listen drum and bass electronic dance music but with just a little bit more sophistication and less sugarcoat. Although it’s still fluffy and light like a smokey Saturday afternoon. I feel so good that this is released by Ninja Tune: I could also say this is drum and bass through the Ninja’s lens, as in that being quality assurance.

Marie Davidson – Working Class Woman

This album is part hilarious and part fascinating. Work It is something I cannot not re-listen any number of times, it is like a caricature of a motivational speech but it actually does feel motivating. And The Tunnel is creepy like hell, it’s like an audio version of a horror movie and not in a sense that there are horroresque soundtrack elements in it but the atmosphere and words hit nails under my nails. Overall the whole record is that great kind of avantgarde with minimal wave synth sounds where the words deliver meaning even if they sound dadaist at times. It’s artsy but works.

Leon Vynehall – Nothing Is Still

Downtempo, ambient, on the brink of modern composition but still the electronic music kind and not the classical music version. It is a nice ride as a concept album and also great vibe for work. With a last record of house beats this one as a first after Vynehall’s moving to Ninja Tune is an exciting twist, we’ll see what comes around next if he sticks to the ninjas.

Actress – AZD

Also a wandering, through techno to experimental ambient soft noises.

Sidenote: the last Gonjasufi record is named after an alternate reality perception thing, and this Actress album writes in the press release about “a chrome aspect journey into a parallel world”. Hm.