Aphex Twin – Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760

This is a very nice IDM record. Other than that, my relationship to this is quite neutral, and saying that as a long time Aphex Twin fan. It just doesn’t have any specificity to this time and place, and it also doesn’t invoke memories strongly enough so it would be clearly on the nostalgia side. It’s like the B sides collection of records from twenty years back. It’s… fine.

Plaid – Polymer

This is a wonderful record. My love for Plaid was strong in the late ’90s and early ’00s, in the era of their classics and when everything was abount IDM. The journey they took after had interesting moments but it was different. And different is good, at least they didn’t try to repeat themselves and either fail or succeed but in a boring way. But now, this album is like the thing I’ve been waiting for: it has everything I love about them and still sounds new and fresh. This is my favorite kind of nostalgia experience: something that feels like what I remember but actually being a totally refurbished and improved version of that memory. Right now this is my favorite Plaid album, and it feels so great to think that. Random note: wrapping up this list of tracks with Praze gives me goosebumps.

Clark – The Last Panthers

It is a soundtrack to a tv series, but it is not released as a soundtrack. So this is a Clark album in its own right, but is a soundtrack nonetheless. It is the soundtrack to a snowfall on a gloomy dark dawn. To a ship sailing out into the vast ocean and breaking ice on the go. It is the soundtrack to its sinking and hitting rock bottom. And to the sunshine that glides through the water and reaches the masthead of named ship waving goodbye.

És tessék, első szám az új Aphex Twin lemezről, szép címe van: minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]. Streamelhető Soundcloudon.

Tök jó zene amúgy, bár nagyon túlragozni nem lehet. Finoman analóg, kellemes IDM, hiba nincs benne. Ilyen elvárások és hype mellett nyilván nehéz megfelelni, de rendben van, várom a teljes albumot.

Hihetetlen, hogy ez a Nozinja-féle Tsekeleke olyan, hogy elsőre nem is értem, aztán meg már nem tudom elűzni a fülemből. A videó meg aztán…