Alignment – Nothingness EP

This record is like a sampler to my current taste in techno. Brilliant tempo, minimal beat, but there’s also hooks and occasional vocal samples. There’s also this trance sound that’s new for me in techno and I’m completely in love with. This is yearly top 10 level of amazing. Makes me miss the dancefloore once more.

JASSS – Whities 027

Two very distinct tracks on this record. The liner notes are pretty accurate for Turbo Olé: “fucking rocket fuel” with “giddy jibber-jaw trance lead”, “electro breaks” and “a ‘90s cyber-trance riff”. Correct, it’s a rave scene in a sci-fi movie. The B side starts off as an IDM rhythmic noise piece but also ends up in with some broken beat trance vibe. Wow. My current favorite music for reading the setting book for the new Cyberpunk Red RPG.

Kölsch ‎- Fabric Presents Kölsch

Wonderful leftfield music. Created as an inspiration from flights, I love how this concept is there from the flow of the music through the titles of the tracks to the artwork of the cover. It’s a beautifully coherent piece of art.

Strangely I have an association between this and Kalkbrenner’s Berlin Calling soundtrack album, but that’s probably some kind of mood undertone that links these for me. Maybe becuase it’s summer now and both have this “late night walk with a warm breeze of air” feel to it.