Everybody Wants to Rule the World covers

After watching Mr. Robot’s S02E08 and heard Portia Doubleday sing Everybody Wants to Rule the World in a karaoke bar I got totally hooked on the tune and just couldn’t let it go from my head. And since the whole thing started with someone else singing the song and it was not the original Tears For Fears version, I started searching for even more renditions of this track.

This is how I came across the 2014 Spotify Landmark recording of the song with the original band just 30 years after and it’s an awesome video to watch, also the guys just totally kill it even 30 years later. This video is right here below, and then there are some more covers after it that I found interesting.

Spotify Landmark: Tears For Fears plays “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” (in 2014)

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