Ten Walls – Lights For The Dreams

At the beginning it totally starts like some Brandt Brauer Frick record, having all those acoustic instruments, drums, guitars, strings, brass instruments, making all those little noises mixed up with the electronics. Then from the third track it goes fully electronic and creates this wonderful, cinematic journey with pulsing techno, ambient soundscapes, and broken beats. It all creates this great flow even though stylistically it’s not the most coherent album. I’m not afraid to say that it could well deserve a spot on my year-end toplist, even if it doesn’t make the Top 10 it could easily sit within the twenty.

Ten Walls – Queen

Discogs says it’s techno and house AND modern composition. I cannot really say, it is many things with mixed beats, more slow than mid tempos, some basses but more pianos, few vocals but rather instrumentals. It is nice music, some tracks great even.