Sinoia Caves – Beyond The Black Rainbow (original soundtrack)

This movie has been on my radar and watch list for such a long time and randomly came across its soundtrack now, which just emphasized that I have to see this. Mysterious and eerie ambient, and also retro futuristic synthwave done right. Just listening to it visualizes the neon lights blinking through the mist in the thick forest at night. I love this atmosphere and aesthetic so very much.

The last time I listened to a soundtrack so many times before watching a movie was The Moon where I had already known all the cues by the time of actually connecting the sounds to visual images. But that was fun! Btw the other movie of Panos Cosmatos (Mandy) I have seen and it was hilarious and fascinating at the same time. So looking forward to Beyond The Black Rainbow, too.

Kuedo – Slow Knife

Say this first: worst album cover of the year. Now, as for the music it is definitely different from the first album but still something great. It may not even be possible to see this as a follow-up to the first Kuedo record, but rather a piece in the larger context of the life of Jamie Teasdale. Many flavors mixed in but this is misterious in many ways. Electronic, synths, and probably the most beautiful tracks are the ones resembling Vangelis in the era of the Blade Runner soundtrack. And then there are those few tracks which are the most shit-your-pants soundtracks of a horror movie and you may not want to listen to those at home alone.