Pye Corner Audio – Entangled Routes

Atmospheric electronic music, like a soundtrack to a movie that never was. Genres go mainly on the ambient to synthwave axis.

Being exposed to lots of sci-fi and futuristic noir things, it’s easy to see this as a perfect backdrop for a cyberpunk book or RPG play session.

John Carpenter – Lost Themes III: Alive After Death

So the third one arrived, it’s like one every second year in the past six. This one’s the result of the Lost Themes and its sequels becoming so popular that he started touring and writing more new music with some family of his (son and grandson). And this is great! The Lost Themes II didn’t strike a cord with me so much to make a note here but this one is here again. I can so imagine the pictures for this sound but as standalone music it is also wonderful, cinematic. Honestly, there’s not much groundbreaking for a Carpenter album but it delivers its promise just fine, very well worth the time and attention.

Sinoia Caves – Beyond The Black Rainbow (original soundtrack)

This movie has been on my radar and watch list for such a long time and randomly came across its soundtrack now, which just emphasized that I have to see this. Mysterious and eerie ambient, and also retro futuristic synthwave done right. Just listening to it visualizes the neon lights blinking through the mist in the thick forest at night. I love this atmosphere and aesthetic so very much.

The last time I listened to a soundtrack so many times before watching a movie was The Moon where I had already known all the cues by the time of actually connecting the sounds to visual images. But that was fun! Btw the other movie of Panos Cosmatos (Mandy) I have seen and it was hilarious and fascinating at the same time. So looking forward to Beyond The Black Rainbow, too.