Sólstafir – Silfur-Refur

There’s this Record Store Day vinyl special of the latest Sólstafir album with an unreleased B-side and it totally makes the whole record worth the mention. They say “Scorpion Moonrise was written in only one day, on which we also recorded the demo […] guest appearance by Hexvessel vocalist Mat “Kvohst” McNerney.” Stones, hammers, rocks.

Amon Tobin – Dark Jovian

I added this one to my playlist a few days ago and since then I haven’t listened to anything else just keep hitting replay. A captivating experience of deep space ambient, groaning noises and ethereal voices.

Amon Tobin himself has some things to add:

“I made these tracks a year or two ago after binge-watching space exploration films. People have, from time to time, described things I’ve done as “scores for imaginary movies,” which has always irritated me, but on this occasion it’s sort of true.

Even so, what I was really trying to do was to interpret a sense of scale, like moving towards impossibly giant objects until they occupy your whole field of vision, planets turning, or even how it can feel just looking up at night.”