Mother’s Cake – Cyberfunk!

This was the biggest wow moment towards the end of 2020. Huuuge funk and psychedelic rock mixed up, like putting Rage Against The Machine and The Mars Volta in a blender, and occasionally spicing it up with some space disco vibe.

After around the time of Black Angel’s Phosphene Dream I started to get weary of a lot of psychedelic rock records sounding all the same—there was a canon that so many new bands could only follow but show nothing new there. It’s also telling that in the funk rock area one of the best new things I’ve heard in the past decade was Shobaleader One playing live, which is basically IDM played with a different instrumentation. Overall, I rarely hear something that feels new and fresh in these genres nowadays, and Mother’s Cake has definitely one of those moments.

Fontän ‎- Fontän

Psychedelic rock something it says about itself. Reminds me of some retro-nostalgic electronics, probably influenced by the cover art. Also resembles some Hungarian electro-rock acts that I can relate to like Colorstar.

Syd Arthur ‎- Apricity

I’ve been stashing this one for a long time without posting here. I re-listened it a few times to have a better idea how to put it. It is psychedelic rock, but very accessible, kind of pop-flavoured but in a good sense. There is this thing like I have heard many of these tunes before—probably they are playing on the twists and hooks of the genre pretty well.

Witch – Witch: We Intend to Cause Havoc!

Psychedelic rock and blues from Zambia in the ‘70s. Wait, what? I still have to read upon this whole topic because it sounds extremely exciting, even more so since the music is just dope. For now all I can say is that there is this box set with 4 CDs and 6 LPs and the full catalog of the band, 54 songs, almost 4 hours of material. And pure gold.