Fontän ‎- Fontän

Psychedelic rock something it says about itself. Reminds me of some retro-nostalgic electronics, probably influenced by the cover art. Also resembles some Hungarian electro-rock acts that I can relate to like Colorstar.

Syd Arthur ‎- Apricity

I’ve been stashing this one for a long time without posting here. I re-listened it a few times to have a better idea how to put it. It is psychedelic rock, but very accessible, kind of pop-flavoured but in a good sense. There is this thing like I have heard many of these tunes before—probably they are playing on the twists and hooks of the genre pretty well.

Witch – Witch: We Intend to Cause Havoc!

Psychedelic rock and blues from Zambia in the ‘70s. Wait, what? I still have to read upon this whole topic because it sounds extremely exciting, even more so since the music is just dope. For now all I can say is that there is this box set with 4 CDs and 6 LPs and the full catalog of the band, 54 songs, almost 4 hours of material. And pure gold.

Jupiter Lion is a great psychedelic rock band, playing mostly instrumental electronics-fuelled drum-centric stuff with heavy dragging beats. Listening to them playing live right now, note for self: check out their recordings as well.