Nicolas Jaar – Cenizas

I still have a hard time to slap a label on Nicolas Jaar. But this record is pure gold, again. Overall I can call it modern classical, although that’s not because of its use of traditional instruments and orchestration, but because it sounds like my idea of a perfect, meticulously crafted classical music today. Genrewise it’s some kind of ambient with a very wide range of intruments and sounds (drums, chimes, keys, strings, experimental textures, and voice), using inspiration from all over the world, and melting it into a introvert mind trip. As advertised on the cover. And an amazing cover art it is, too.

Update: the totally ethereal sounds of Hello, Chain gives me the goose bumps. I’m in awe.

Nicolas Jaar – Sirens

Two tracks (The Governor and Three Sides of Nazareth) on this album are completely off here that you don’t see coming, and still, crown jewel. Ambience, electronic music, rythm of dub (in No), and then these two post-punkish upbeat things I cannot really classify into a genre.