Drab Majesty – Modern Mirror

This album is so not interesting. Just wanted to make a note here: I don’t feel this to be a goth album at all, it’s way more of a new wave (sometimes future pop) dressed as goth. Probably that’s the very reason I don’t like it. Under this darkwave look I don’t feel any real content and value. There’s also this trend of new goth music incorporating a heavy influence from synthwave. Sometimes I like it, in this case I don’t. I compare this record to everything by Cigarettes After Sex. *smirk

Volkova Sisters ‎- Blood Shapes This Faith

It is so strange that this is Volkova Sister’s first long player and it only dropped this year. Feels like they have been around for a long time and have put out much more, like several records. Probably I am biased since I’ve been listening to Dalma’s different bands for the most part of the past decade. And all of them have been a blast, this one’s no different.