Biosphere – Angel’s Flight

I’ve been listening to a lot of ambient music lately. The days are quite busy, focus is needed for extended periods, and music that gives me peace and mental padding helps me keep up the drill longer. When I need to grind through a night of work I usually go for something harsh and fast, like hardcore metal or jungle, but I cannot run the sprint for several days in a row, so that’s when ambient kicks in and helps.

This is a very drone-like modern composition record, cinematic at certain places. The title track is the slowest form of catarsis I know—the soundtrack of a super slow motion capture of someone bursting into tears, or having an orgasm.

Leon Vynehall – Nothing Is Still

Downtempo, ambient, on the brink of modern composition but still the electronic music kind and not the classical music version. It is a nice ride as a concept album and also great vibe for work. With a last record of house beats this one as a first after Vynehall’s moving to Ninja Tune is an exciting twist, we’ll see what comes around next if he sticks to the ninjas.

Ben Chatwin ‎– The Sleeper Awakes

Beautiful modern composition album with a post-rock and atmospheric ambient edge to it. The moment of standing at the edge of the world, looking at a calm post-apocalyptic scenery and just turning away to leave everything behind and move on.