Significant Other – Club Aura

I really don’t know how to categorize this genrewise, so when I saw on Bandcamp the label “leftfield” I jumped, yes, that! I honestly don’t care about the tracks for the most part, but Drum Therapy just had to be saved somewhere for future reference, that’s an amazing beat. I ended up adding it to my wierd house playlist. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kölsch ‎- Fabric Presents Kölsch

Wonderful leftfield music. Created as an inspiration from flights, I love how this concept is there from the flow of the music through the titles of the tracks to the artwork of the cover. It’s a beautifully coherent piece of art.

Strangely I have an association between this and Kalkbrenner’s Berlin Calling soundtrack album, but that’s probably some kind of mood undertone that links these for me. Maybe becuase it’s summer now and both have this “late night walk with a warm breeze of air” feel to it.

Vaal – Nosferatu

I have the same feeling like when I listened to the latest record by FJAAK: these guys are rummaging in the bottom of their pockets and pull out stuff from the past, dust them off, and create something that I find fascinating. Vaal has these breakbeats that are like echoing the Matrix all over it, so much ’90s, blast from the past, but she still builds something atop that feels current. I love it.

FJAAK – Havel

Lot of stuff from the past few decades mashed together and it is a blast. In a way it’s like watching Stranger Things: it draws pretty direct inspiration from certain sources but still creates something for the now that I can interpret as the product of today. This music is many things from leftfield through techno to breakbeat, but it couldn’t have been written in those past eras because we needed to take that journey and get to the now with all these stuff in our heads to have this mash-up today. I am probably over-explaining this for the RA review that I’ve just read which lacks originality. Anyway, I don’t. I think FJAAK is unique in the blend it creates. It sounds like the soundtrack of me growing up. And I would absolutely love to listen to their selection in a party setting.