Blanck Mass – Calm With Horses (Original Score)

Another one of those soundtracks that get me to watch a movie. Otherwise I’d probably pass on another film starring Barry Keoghan. But the music is another hit home by Benjamin John Power, he has never let me down so far. Tense, dark, full of stress, from ambient to pumping industrial electronics. I can hear those pictures of unease and emptiness, then running and fighting, I want to see that editing that’s based on these rhythms and sounds. I’d love to play it too, if this was a game soundtrack.

The KVB – Of Desire

Dark melodies of goth always surprise me when heard on a new record. And now KVB can do this perfectly in 2016. And thus yet another year pushed forward in the history of goth rock because there are still new gems shining the shades of black to be found in this world.