Unto Others – Strength

Definitely one of my new personal hypes for this year. It is an epitome of a goth rock album that is right in the middle lane of my alley, pretty much occupying the whole street. It’s a perfect, epic record that gives me goosebumps. It’s also interesting how some heavy metal flavor is sprinkled in here and there.

I just checked my Last.fm stats and this album is already on the top of my artist and album lists for 2023. Wow, I knew I listened to this a lot, but I wasn’t aware this much. And with every listen it just grows stronger.

The KVB – Of Desire

Dark melodies of goth always surprise me when heard on a new record. And now KVB can do this perfectly in 2016. And thus yet another year pushed forward in the history of goth rock because there are still new gems shining the shades of black to be found in this world.