Recondite – Dwell

Techno and house in its rhythms but with a slow tempo and with lots of atmospheric sounds. Beautiful music, too, in a blue and moody sense.

When you put on noise cancelling headphones and listen to this in the middle of a busy city it’s like a movie about a civilization in decay and the meaninglessness of everyday life. The scene when you’re watching them run around in their little useless lives and you already know but they don’t that their fraglie mudball planet is on an all-erasing collision course with a huge asteroid. Could be a soundtrack to Melancholia.

Moiré – No Future

I like long player minimal tech-house albums like this because they tend to be a long enough run of perfect listening material for work. Not too much distraction but quite enough pumping energy.

(And this makes two Ghostly records in a row on this blog.)