Minuit Machine – Don’t Run From The Fire

It’s so strange that I haven’t made note of Minuit Machine before considering how much I listen to their records recently. It’s a constant item in my cyberpunk playlists. It’s an amazing blend of electro and goth moods resulting in this beautiful dark wave atmosphere that I just strive in.

Chris Liebing – Another Day

It’s really hard to pin down the genre for this album. The atmosphere is moody electronic music on mid tempo, city music, walk in the rain music. On Basecamp it self-defines as techno and downtempo by tags. But I’d argue that the reality of it is mostly progressive breaks. In any case, Circles is my track of the month: this is most definitely prog breaks, with a fantastic melody, beautiful vocals, and such a well crafted arch for the whole song.

Weval – Changed for the Better

Overall a nice electronic music record, and I couldn’t be more specific than that—it’s like those Booka Shades of the musical spectrum that could fall in many sub-genres depending on how you look at it or where you come from. That said let’s focus on the title track, which just knocks my socks off. It is some amazing achievement in being soothing and calm, but also high in energy and making me move right away with floaty-wavy arms. I can imagine listening to it on a dancefloor and rise to melodic mid-tempo electro heaven. It’s been a while that I listened to something and wanted to reach for remixes; I just wish there’s a slightly higher tempo version of this as well.

Lake Haze – Sun Rising On Concrete Landscapes

Steffi‘s Yours & Mine is my forever favorite work music. When I need to push push push it in the most efficient way that is my go-to. Now, this album is the pretty close to that. It is good music, has some great vibes and tunes and drag to it, but neutral and non-disruptive enough to be able to fully concentrate on what I’m working on. It contains a couple different flavors of electro and a general dub techno mood.

Blackploid – Cosmic Traveler

During the first track I was considering skipping this EP altogether, lucky I didn’t. This is a collection of some oddball electro tracks, which are too boogie to be IDM but too silly to appear seriously on a dancefloor. But it would be FUN to hear a track like Night Drive in a club. Although the one titled Pleasure Activism could totally fit a chiptune set.

Ela Minus – Acts of Rebellion

This is the case when I find it hard to believe that this is a debut album. If this was the new Fever Ray record I’d be 100% satisfied and rank it among the best of the year. And this one’s a first long player by someone? Come. On. One part mid-tempo club beats with neon synths, other part slow moody songs, and a cold wave atmosphere maintained. Not the sorrow kind of cold wave though, but this introvert little wondering headspace—think Röyksopp or Ladytron.