Minuit Machine – Don’t Run From The Fire

It’s so strange that I haven’t made note of Minuit Machine before considering how much I listen to their records recently. It’s a constant item in my cyberpunk playlists. It’s an amazing blend of electro and goth moods resulting in this beautiful dark wave atmosphere that I just strive in.

Planetdamage – Relapse Protocol

Industrial electronics and beyond that goes through a wide range of styles from EBM through breaks to psytrance. It is like an amazing soundtrack to a cyberpunk videogame that I’d love to play. I’m sure Planetdamage would like to imagine people walking through neon-infused city nights while listening to it, but it’s a perfect companion for pushing work, too. The only downside is the vocal, which on the full length gets somewhat tedious because of it’s monotone sound, but since the Bandcamp release has the instrumental version included that’s what I have on replay.

Years of Denial – Suicide Disco

This is easily one of my most influential albums that I came across in 2020. Modern technoid EBM with bubbling analog synths and tight industrial beats. It has all the dark beauty of any oldschool EBM but without the spotlight mainstreamism of some retro abusing modern electronic music. They are to EBM what Led Er Est was to post-punk goth rock—something new that understands the roots and fully lives in the present. Wonderful, fantastic music, soundtrack of my life material.

Kontravoid – Too Deep

Absolutely classic EBM. Some tracks are more on the rhythmic noise side with raw and metallic synths, while some are more about vocals and melodic futurepop. But all in all it has most that I love about electornic body music. Fantastic cover photo, too.

Phase Fatale – Scanning Backwards

It sounds like a classic industrial-EBM album from many years ago getting a remaster in 2020 with a techno heart. Sounds like an abandoned factory, heavy beats, greasy and steamy noises, distorted synths, slow marching rhythms. It is something not new but refreshing to hear. This could only possibly come from Berlin, has a cosy home at Ostgut Ton.

Rummelsnuff ‎- Kraftgewinn

I call this avantgarde sailor EBM. And I don’t even know why I sense any trace of EMB around here, but somehow I feel that this has some kind of an odd relation to it. This thing is hard to explain, but there are some tracks that I just cannot keep re-listening. And this is my one post so far that could best make use of a smiley. This music demands a smile – it’s hilarious. Oddly though, it’s not a completely comedic way of hilarious, it’s just fun, easy, and non-serious. Probably not completely coincidental that it keeps reminding me of Eläkeläiset.

Schramm – Nuklear Fetish

Not an innovator but a pretty good industrial electro-metal record, like in the footsteps of Rammstein but more on the party industrial side of things. I listened to a whole bunch of new releases from the industrial and EBM domains, I wanted to highlight some great surprises, but there were not much to mention at all. This one however is easily one that I am happy to relisten.