Dead Can Dance – Live, 2005

In 2005 when Dead Can Dance reunited they recorded and released a series of shows as limited edition records. Now these got published on Spotify. Naturally it is beautiful material. But also, listening to live concert recordings in the times of lockdowns and cancelled events is a life saver. Part pain of absence but part breath of life.

On a completely side note, thinking about the ethics of republishing of previously limited material. I imagine you can say that the limited experience at his point is the physical copy anyone purchased in 2005. But that sounds kinda like an excuse. I’ve recently seen a sale where previously Kickstarted board games found in the publisher’s storage were being sold, with Kickstarter exclusives included. Makes me go hm.

Dead Can Dance – Dionysus

The new Dead Can Dance album is just wonderful. For some reason I always have the idea in mind that they might go back to work in their early music style like before Into The Labyrinth, but this did not happen this time either and Dionysus just kept pursuing their ethnic music line of work. It is a beautiful continuation of what they did on Into The Labyrinth and Spiritchaser just matured and on a more grandiose scale. I love it.