John Carpenter – Lost Themes III: Alive After Death

So the third one arrived, it’s like one every second year in the past six. This one’s the result of the Lost Themes and its sequels becoming so popular that he started touring and writing more new music with some family of his (son and grandson). And this is great! The Lost Themes II didn’t strike a cord with me so much to make a note here but this one is here again. I can so imagine the pictures for this sound but as standalone music it is also wonderful, cinematic. Honestly, there’s not much groundbreaking for a Carpenter album but it delivers its promise just fine, very well worth the time and attention.

Ten Walls – Lights For The Dreams

At the beginning it totally starts like some Brandt Brauer Frick record, having all those acoustic instruments, drums, guitars, strings, brass instruments, making all those little noises mixed up with the electronics. Then from the third track it goes fully electronic and creates this wonderful, cinematic journey with pulsing techno, ambient soundscapes, and broken beats. It all creates this great flow even though stylistically it’s not the most coherent album. I’m not afraid to say that it could well deserve a spot on my year-end toplist, even if it doesn’t make the Top 10 it could easily sit within the twenty.

Johnny Jewel – Vapor

One of my go-to focus music for the past month. Cinematic ambient with chiming sounds, dark textures, monumental spaces, it’s quite a journey. I see the full movie playing in my mind. Also great for reading, especially something eerie, mystical, or set in outer space.