Yak – Termina EP

I could swear I heard at least half of these tracks in the past decade. In the crossroads of “nothing new” and “sounds classic”. Anyhow, Stampede is something that’s new and instantly recognizable – soundtrack to a car chase in an action movie.


Technoid music from Berlin. Not all four-by-four though, some broken beats, ambient textures too, but synths and underground electronic vibe all around. Nice find.

Akkord – HTH035

All different kinds of electronic underground explorations from breaks to techno. What is exceptionally exciting is the HTH020 remix called ‘The Haxan Cloak’s Cloud of Witness’, which starts off a bit intimidating but builds up into some kind of elemental orchestrated rhythmic noise masterpiece in a manner of Fuck-Buttons-meets-post-rock-with-electronics.