Hand of Kalliach – Samhainn

It’s been quite a while that my attention was pinned down by a death metal album. Although this one ranges from death to black and melodic metal territories.

It’s so rare that speed gets put into such a great context and it’s not just going fast for the reason of technique showcase or mindless agression. I distinctly remember when I first starting listening to Slipknot as a teenager and I couldn’t listen to anything else anymore because other bands were just too slow. And that was also a case when speed has meaning and flavor. In the case of Hand of Kalliach I feel the same. The fast paced drums, guitars, and sometimes vocals flow so naturally with the overall sound they create, it just sounds amazingly fit there.

Christoph de Babalon – 044 (Hilf Dir Selbst!)

Starts with a dark ambient note but most of it is actually jungle beats and breakcore over some atmospheric sounds. Most of the time I imagined a cyberpunk heist movie rolling with this soundtrack. This could also be a spiritual successor of the Splinter Cell soundrack by Amon Tobin, but with less sophistication and a darker tone. Oh btw, I loved this record a lot, I could easily listen to it five times in a row.

Dark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack

This is a soundtrack album to a pretty dark and grim comic book series, consisting of all original songs. I just want to taste this sentence for a little while and think about how awesome that is. And then start listing that collaborators include Mastodon, Rise Against, HEALTH, Chino Moreno, Greg Puciato, Chelsea Wolfe, just to name those closest to me. This is pretty rad.

Machinedrum – Psyconia

Broken beat, drum and bass, hiphop, IDM, the common denominator is smoothness and a light heart. Like if it’s drum and bass then it’s liquid, if it’s hiphop then it’s soulful. These 26 minutes contain a whole summer’s many flavors in six tracks. It’s not a consistent record at all, more like a promo sampler for a festival, but there’s fun in all those tracks.