Gojira – Fortitude

This record is such an amazing balance of being full of zest, groove, great tunes and moods, while also being technical and musically complex. And the latter is by no means detrimental to the prior. It’s just extremely smart and also extremely enjoyable metal.

Hoaxed – Hoaxed

The vocals sound like witch house but in rock, it’s eerie and soft but also smooth and comforting. Otherwise it’s overall dark rock with an amazing atmosphere. It’s hard to put my finger on it, like I’m trying to slap a genre label on it, but it’s really not about the genre but the mood.

I also wanted to put the follow-up record here instead of this EP, but this just kills so hard, and it is not replicated on the full-length unfortunately. Fuck unfortunately though, thanks for these four tracks.

Unto Others – Strength

Definitely one of my new personal hypes for this year. It is an epitome of a goth rock album that is right in the middle lane of my alley, pretty much occupying the whole street. It’s a perfect, epic record that gives me goosebumps. It’s also interesting how some heavy metal flavor is sprinkled in here and there.

I just checked my Last.fm stats and this album is already on the top of my artist and album lists for 2023. Wow, I knew I listened to this a lot, but I wasn’t aware this much. And with every listen it just grows stronger.

Don Broco – Amazing Things

Part super cool nu metal, part cheesy pop music. I’m back an forth between how much I like the first part and how much the second detracts me. Overall I try to focus on the good bits and those are really-really good. It would be good to see them live to see how this whole things play out, usually on a concert you see their true self.

Tomaga – Intimate Immensity

It’s like if you played IDM ambient but with live instruments (which reminds me of the time I attended a Plaid concert played by an orchestra in a concert hall), other times industrial jazz and a touch of experimental music. But it’s rather smooth and pleasant, not harsh.

Modeselektor – Extended

Electronic music on the bass side and with lots of flow and power to it. Based on the most recent Moderat and Modeselektor records, my take is that the Moderat project was great for two records but it should be left behind to shine from the past and Modeselektor should rather do what’s really their thing. This record is as awesome as any other Modeselektor output, instantly wanting to hear them play live and rock the roof off.

Molybaron – The Mutiny

I mentioned this before when Lucifer came out as a single. Just putting the album on this shelf for the record, too, absolutely worthy as a full-lengh unpacking of what I’ve heard coming in the single. It’s an amazingly well crafted metal record.