Sinoia Caves – Beyond The Black Rainbow (original soundtrack)

This movie has been on my radar and watch list for such a long time and randomly came across its soundtrack now, which just emphasized that I have to see this. Mysterious and eerie ambient, and also retro futuristic synthwave done right. Just listening to it visualizes the neon lights blinking through the mist in the thick forest at night. I love this atmosphere and aesthetic so very much.

The last time I listened to a soundtrack so many times before watching a movie was The Moon where I had already known all the cues by the time of actually connecting the sounds to visual images. But that was fun! Btw the other movie of Panos Cosmatos (Mandy) I have seen and it was hilarious and fascinating at the same time. So looking forward to Beyond The Black Rainbow, too.

Throwing Snow – Mosaic

After last year’s Loma I am traveling backwards in the Throwing Snow discography, and it’s a great trip. At this album I’m stuck for a while now, I keep re-listening it and it just doesn’t clear from my Listen Next playlist. It gives me the goosebumps at certain points, has magical moods, it’s like electronic music with a soul. It’s like Apparat with a more firm grip on the beats, little more weight on sounds, doesn’t take so much care to take all steps with a soft feet. I imagine a creature sliding on ice; it runs to gain impetus, starts off with a quick and light slide, then jumps to feet ending in metal hoofs and slams it on the ice, carving a streak but still moving forward like it was unstoppable.

The Golden Filter ‎- Unselected Works Vol. 1.

Stumbling upon this record was like listening to Nid & Sancy’s Talk To The Machine for the first time, or the first run with We Love’s self-titled debut, or the first hearing of Digitaria. Gems of electronic music that are not groundbreaking per se, not necessarily famous or hyped, but give me an intimate touch from the first time we meet. 

Hauschka – Abandoned City

I am not sure where I came across Hauschka but I somehow stumbled upon this album from last year and got quite carried away. Although Volker Bertelmann is a pianist his arrangements deliver much more than just nice piano pieces. If judged through my glasses of electronic music I would say it is some sort of acoustic techno and very much reminds me of the Brandt Brauer Frick.

Update: other material of Hauschka seems to be awesome, too. After the second album (Salon Des Amateurs) I’ve just added his full catalog to my playlist and I’m not afraid to listen through it all.