Dog Fashion Disco – Adultery

First thing first: Dog Fashion Disco is one of my top 5 favorite bands ever across all genres. Thier avant-garde metal is quirky, bizarre, fun, strange, and overall absolutely astonishing. It’s like a dead jazz musician reanimated as a metal-head zombie and marching around in a dark circus in a clown outfit with all instruments hanging on it and played at the same time. And love songs. And satan. And life wisdom.

And finally their full catalogue is available on Spotify. As far as I know there was some legal shit going on why they couldn’t have done that so far and now all the albums are there. So I can listen to this masterpiece called Adultery every other day like every normal person should. (I’ll still keep my safety copy in Dropbox, just in case.)

Random note: now when looking for an album cover image and searching for the band and album title did I stumble upon that this concept record has been made into an actual novel. How cool is that! I’ve quickly put it on my reading list, I really hope it’s just as trash as I want it to be.

Ah man, I love this music so fucking much. It’s like air to breath and blood to drink.

Urceus Exit – Contra [Bonus Tracks and Remixes]

This is something unexpected that popped up in the dark electro-industrial station on Rdio with a track and listening through the whole album was well worth doing so. I will be interested to check out the full discography of Urceus Exit now. Has something like the same stumble upon experience when I came across VAST back at the time.

Electronic, melodic, something underground something, but could not be more specific than that. It just feels deeply personal and intimate.